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Dr.B's BARF Lite 急凍狗糧 健怡蔬菜(低熱量) 6磅

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Official website: barfaustralia.com 官方網頁: barfaustralia.com
  • Doctor B’s Lite Recipe BARF is a tasty, low calorie, reduced protein, reduced phosphorus, increased fibre, raw, enzyme rich whole food, suitable for adult dogs.
    It contains more low GI vegetables and fruit than other Doctor B’s BARF varieties, for increased soluble and insoluble fibre to help keep the gut healthy, promote a feeling of fullness and stabilise blood sugar levels.
    Levels of crushed raw chicken bones are reduced; sufficient to meet an adult dog’s calcium and phosphorus needs, but too low for growing pups, pregnant or lactating females. 

    Good for:

    • less active, older or overweight animals
    • animals requiring a low fat diet (e.g. chronic pancreatitis)
    Not so good for:
    • active working dogs
    Not for:
    • growing puppies
    • pregnant or lactating females


  • 低熱量及含額外蔬菜,適合患腎病、糖尿病等需要食物中含額外蔬菜的貓狗,同時也適合年老或肥胖的貓狗。
Origin :   產地:
Australia   澳洲
Ingredients   成份:
Chicken (includes meat, finely ground bones and offal), Carrot, Apples, Kangaroo and/or Beef and/or Pork and/or Lamb, (includes meat and offal), Salmon frames, Flaxseed, Whole Eggs, Spinach and/or Silverbeet, Yoghurt, Alfalfa, Oranges, Cabbage, Dehydrated Kelp, Limestone, Celery, Garlic, plus other assorted seasonal vegetables and /or fruits   瘦雞肉、袋鼠肉、雞及袋鼠骨、牛肝、雞蛋、乳酪、椰菜或白菜、菠菜或銀甜菜、胡蘿蔔、亞麻子粉、乾紫苜蓿葉粉、牛心、牛柏葉、蘋果、乾海藻粉、蒜、橙、三文魚


Analysis   分析
Protein 蛋白質 10.5 %
Fat 脂肪 8 %
Fiber 纖維 6 %
Moisture 水份 75 %
Feeding guide   喂食指引

Weight of Dog(in kg's)

Healthy Adult Dogs 1yr+(patties)

For other life stages, see: FEEDING GUIDE FOR DOGS

其他年齡及體能需求, 請閱官網: FEEDING GUIDE FOR DOGS

體重(公斤) 健康成犬 1yr+ (肉餅)
5 ¾ 
10 1 ½
20 3
30 4 ¼
This is recommended as a guide only and no one knows your dog better than you.  Consistent monitoring of your dogs weight is important, and adjustments to the volumes might be required.  Remember just like you or I, every dog is different, has different energy requirements, and metabolisms.  What is right for one dog may not be right for the other.   請緊記:以上只是一般指引, 由於每隻狗的吸收能力, 消耗熱量及新陳代謝都可能不同, 請因應閣下的狗隻情況自行調整食量
Dog.Com is not responsible for typographical errors. We strive to keep the most current information on our website, however sometimes ingredients, the guaranteed analysis and packaging can change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most current product information   犬公館不保證文字上的失誤. 我們會盡量去更新資料的準確性, 但基於廠方或代理會不定期更改成份,包裝等我們無法控制的因素. 客人如需要最準確的產品資料, 請查詢產品的官方網頁.