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Fish4Cats 無穀物鯖魚配方(全貓) 1.5kg

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Official 官方網頁:
  • Cats love the tastes and aromas of FISH - Making Fish4Cats a healthy and delicious meal.  FISH is a wonderful protein - easily digestible, making it gentle on your cat's tummy and relatively low in saturated fats and sugars.

    FISH is a superb source of naturally occurring omega 3 - great for coat, skin and joints.

    To give your cat a tasty healthy diet we use lots of lovely FISH in our cat food with over 65% fish content.

    With a balanced mineral content, reducing the strain on kidneys and added cranberries, Fish4Cats can help with Urinary tract health.

    With functional fibres to ease the passage of hairballs.


Origin :   產地:
EU   英國
Ingredients   成份:
Salmon Meal (33%), Fresh Mackerel (22%), Sweet Potato (17%), Cassava (13%), Salmon Oil (8%), Fish Digest (2.5%), Sunflower Oil, Yeast Extract, Malt Extract, Pea Fibre, Dried Algae, Dried Cranberries, Minerals .  


Feeding guidelines   喂食指引:
The amount of food your dog needs will vary depending on breed, activity level, age and climate. Use our feeding chart as a guide, adjusting the quantity fed to achieve your dog’s ideal weight. We suggest feeding twice a day, puppies more often. Provide fresh, clean water at all times. Regular exercise will help maintain a healthy body weight. Love, attention and tummy rubs should be given freely, as often as possible.  Pregnant/lactating females: increase intake by 50%.  

以下僅是一般指引, 不同品種,年齡,當地氣温都會影響到吸收, 閣下應跟據寵物的吸收能力自行調節進食份量.適量運動對保持適當體重有良好幫助.


Weight 寵物體重 Amount 喂食量(cup=標準糧杯)
1-3 kg
30-60 grams
3-5 kg
60-80 grams
5-8 kg
80-95 grams
Analysis   分析
Protein 蛋白質 31 %
Fat 脂肪 19 %
Fiber 纖維 2.2 %
Moisture 水份   %
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