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Membership Terms & conditions

Official Members' Benefit

  • Each $1 consumption will earn 1 bonus point, 1000 bonus points equal to $50 for next consumption (except grooming service) and so on. 
  • Except grooming service
Terms to become a member
  • Customer whom have $500 consumption within 1 year (except grooming service) will become our member, can enjoy the members' benefit
  • New customer whom make a $100 consumption can be registered as a temporary member, accumulate $500 within 1 year will become our official member and can enjoy the members' benefit
  • Please provide your member registered telephone number to our staff when purchase, otherwise no discount or bonus point wil be re-issued afterward.
Terms & conditions
  • Official member can use their bonus point when purchase (1000 bounus point = $50), however no bonus point will be calculated for those purchase
  • If delivery service is needed, the paid amount after bonus point deducted must meet the required delivery amount of that area
  • Bonus point cannot be used on grooming service and no bonus point will be calculated on grooming service
  • Bonus point cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Bonus point will be shown on the invoice
  • The newly accumulated bonus point will only be shown and used after 1 working day
  • We reserve the right to change the terms & conditions without further notice
  • If there has any dispute, we reserve the right for the final decision.

*All terms and condition are base on Chinese version, we reserve the right to change without notice.